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Chinese Symbols

Just a few of the more common Chinese Symbols sometimes used in Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry:

Badger or Magpie    May you experience great happiness

Basket of Fruit or Flowers    One of the Eight Immortals

Bats    Good luck. 2 bats together means double good fortune. 5 bats means The Five Blessings: long life, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death

Butterflies    Long life and beauty. With a Cat mean wish to live 70-80 years

Bear / Panda    Man

Carp    Advantage or benefit in business; endurance, perseverance and fortitude.

Cicada    Immortality, life after death

Coc   k Reliability. A red Cock protects your house from fire.

Crane    Longevity. A pair of Cranes means long marriage (Cranes mate for life). A Crane can also mean the wisdom that comes with age. In Feng Shui the influence of a Chinese Crane painting is for a long life that increases in wisdom

Cricket    Fighting spirit

Deer    Riches

Dove    Fidelity

Dragon    Male vigor and fertility, also the symbol for the Emperor. Often seen as the symbol of divine protection and vigilance. Regarded as the Supreme Being among all creatures. It can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect ehe innocent and bestow safety. The ultimate Chinese symbol of good fortune.

Dragon & Phoenix    Man and Wife; Emperor and Empress

Duck Married bliss. A Duck in reeds - may you do well on your exams.

Eagle    Strength.

Elephant    Strength and astuteness. Riding an Elephant - happiness.

Fish    Wealth. The Chinese character for Carp is phonetically identical to the character for "advantage." The character for Fish is the same as that for abundance and wealth. Fish are a symbol of water, fertility and regeneration.

Fisherman    One of the 4 Basic Occupations 

Goose    Married happiness

Heron    with Lotus flowers - may your path be upward

Endless Knot    Long life without setbacks

Labyrinth    Fear, rebirth, liberation

Lotus    Purity

Magnolia    Beautiful woman

Onion    Clever

Ox / Water Buffalo    Coming of Spring

Peach Longevity

Peacock    Dignity and beauty

Phoenix    The five Human Qualities: virtue, duty, correct behavior, humanity, reliability

Pine Trees    Longevity, steadfastness, self-discipline

Quail Courage

Sheep    Yang - the Male Principle

Snake    the Woman

Tiger    Courage and bravery

Tortoise Longevity and immortality

Yin    The Female Principle

Yang    The Male Principle