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Gemstone Lore

The Magic, Mystery & Symbolism of Gemstones

Gemstones have had a powerful fascination since the beginning of the human race. Their therapeutic use is not a new or alternative healing method. The art of healing with gemstones is thousands of years old with the earliest reports dating as far back as the fourth millennium before Christ.

Considered to have protective, talismanic, and medicinal properties, ancient man harnessed the power of crystals in rituals, ceremonies, and every day use.

Gemstones come in all colors with different crystal structures. Their healing powers are explained by the fact that stones, like people, are part of the natural order.

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The Metaphysical Properties of Some Gemstones

Arican Jade (also known as Prase or Emerald Quartz) ~Symbolizes inner peace & refection & self-reflection. Can alleviate pain, muscle tension & energy blockages. Improves blood circulation. Recommended for those prone to anger since it promotes self-control & cools hot tempers

Agate ~ Strengthens the effect of other stones and generally are stones of protection, strength, and harmony. Enables the wearer to choose between true friends & false ones. Said to avert storms & lightening; protect children from danger; bring prosperity & prevent miscarriages. Used to treat headaches, dizziness & impaired balance as well as skin problems. Grounding & stabilizing of physical energies. Promotes happiness & good health. Balancing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies; perceptiveness, strength, inspiration, awakening talents

Amazonite ~ Stimulates powers of clairvoyance. Protects against snake bites & a wide range of diseases. Used to treat heart trouble & metabolic disorders. Lifts depression & reduces anxiety. Alleviates headaches & migraines. Corrects mood swings & helps the wearer come to terms with grief. Promotes confidence, vitality & joy of life. Associated with the Amazon Women.

Amber ~ Symbolizes success. Stimulates the metabolism. Good for treating rheumatism & strengthening the heart muscles. Can help with epilepsy. Enhances the powers of self-healing & promotes decisiveness. Eases stress & lifts spirits. Soothing, calming, cleansing. Amber is associated with light, warmth, and solar energies. It promotes clarification and healing.

Amethyst ~ Attracts justice & protects against burglars & thieves. Wards off danger & violent death. Alleviates migraines and nervous headaches. Improves concentration. Amethyst assists in connecting with the Divine. A stone of personal and spiritual transformation.

Ametrine ~ Made up of two powerful gemstones: amethyst & citrine. Has a very soothing effect on the soul & brings inner harmony & equilibrium to the wearer. Strengthens the nerves; promotes the supply of oxygen to the body & encourages the healing process after serious illnesses. Enhances one's emotional life & creativity. Combats hardening of the arteries & senile dementia, reduces deafness & helps cure eye complaints. Symbolizes growth; promotes maturity & encourages a more confident attitude towards life.

Apatite ~ Use this gemstone for clear communication and inspiration. Apatite promotes a sense of harmony and connects the wearer to Earth's energy. Aquamarine ~ Symbolizes peace.

Aquamarine is a cooling, soothing gemstone that enhances clear communication. It encourages a gentle nature & personality in the wearer. Regulates the lymph system & blood circulation. Can strengthen the immune system and protect against all types of colds & allergies. Used to treat neck & throat problems. Beneficial effect on the thyroid gland and is helpful in the treatment of problems with the vocal cords & speech. Ancient Greeks believed aquamarine held the essence & spirit of the sea; wearing it was said to protect one from adversity & prevent seasickness.

Aragonite ~ Symbolizes power & strength and is useful in balancing energy fields and healing emotions. Promotes renewed strength and confidence, as well as good bone formation & healthy joints. Said to strengthen the immune system, reduce hypersensitivity & prevent calcium deficiencies. Has a soothing effect on the wearer's mood & promotes a peaceful way of life.

Aventurine ~ Symbolizes tranquility & patience and is a good gemstone for vitality, growth, and confidence. Gives the wearer inner equilibrium & stimulates dreaming. Has a beneficial effect on many skin irritation, allergies, wounds & even hair loss. Strengthens an individual sense of self. The ideal stone for those who are looking for a positive view of life.

Aventurine Sunstone (Yellow, Honey, Peach or Red Aventurine) ~ Soothing, pacifying effect on the soul. Particularly suited for quick-tempered people. Promotes equilibrium & calmness. Drives away anger.

Brecciated Jasper ~ Used by Venezuelan Indians to find out about the past & see into the future. They believed that the stone ensured a happy marriage because it encouraged eternal love & fidelity. Can help prevent thyroid deficiencies. Helps the wearer to keep calm & not be irritated by his/her surroundings. Reduces negative energies & stimulates positive energy, building up drive, courage, and the will to live

Carnelian ~ Symbolizes activity. Promotes helpfulness & idealism & encourages community spirit. Effective in the treatment of blood disorders & blocked arteries. Promotes good digestion; encourages the formation of new blood cells. Increases vitality & zest for life while enhancing stability & the courage to carry out daily tasks. Carnelian can give the wearer courage and confidence. It promotes vitality and is a stone of action and sexuality.

Chalcedony ~ Symbolizes calmness & composure. For the Tibetans, it is the stone of purity & concentration on the essential. Protects against feverish infections & all types of inflammation. Offers self-confidence & protection from nightmares.

Chrysocolla ~ Symbolizes psychological & mental conciliation. Promotes calmness, goodness & tolerance. Strengthens intuition. Very beneficial effect on children. Lowers stress & tension while reducing anger & hatred. Chrysocolla facilitates communication and aids in expression of the sacred. It is a gemstone of Goddess energies, gentleness and power.

Chrysoprase ~ Symbolizes clarity of thought. Leads people to new intellectual approaches & calms them down. Has a calming influence on the tired, sick heart & creates a harmonious effect on both body & mind. Combats high blood pressure's influence on glandular weaknesses & disorders.

Citrine ~ Symbolizes individuality & confidence; light heartedness & joy. Citrine enhances personal will, mental clarity and creativity. It brings self-confidence & renewed determination. Beneficial influence on the nervous system & is especially good for school children who suffer from lack of concentration. Combats stress & depression & stimulates the metabolic processes of the liver, stomach, duodenum & pancreas. Has a detoxifying effect & strengthens the immune system. Greeks and Romans used citrine during the first and second centuries, wearing it as a protective talisman.

Copper ~ Used to alleviate the cramp-like pains of menstruation & also said to promote the smooth functioning of the glands. Can prevent wear & tear & calcification of the joints. Encourages a positive attitude & self-confidence. Improves decision making & brings harmony among the members of a family

Coral ~ Symbolizes joy & happiness. Enables the wearer to enjoy life. Protects against negative energy while also preventing loss of energy. Coral jewelry is recommended for menopausal women. Growth & formation of new tissue of every kind are also promoted by coral. Beneficial in the treatment of blood & circulation disorders. Strengthens love & the need for partnership & makes the wearer immune to envy & resentment.

Dumortierite ~ Encourages self reliance, stamina, patience, recognition of potential, understanding, and communication of ideas.

Epidote ~ One who carries epidote will find things that have been lost. Strengthens the body's condition & immune system. Useful for stimulating the digestion & metabolism. Good for recuperating after weakness caused by serious illnesses. Encourages patience, develops the psyche & gives optimism & self-confidence. Epidote helps the wearer release negativity and embrace the positive.

Fluorite ~ Symbolizes responsibility & obedience. Can be used to ease joint problems & stiffness. Awakens suppressed feelings & combats narrow-mindedness. Fluorite can be used for mental enhancement and clarity, as well as improved decision making. It aids in clearing energy fields.

Fossil Stone ~ Supports the improvement of one's environment, communication, innovation.

Garnet ~ Symbolizes constructiveness. Mystics believe it brightens dark souls & brings hope to people. Encourages feelings of joy, willpower & hope, while its fiery color drives away tiredness & stimulates the imagination. Helps in the treatment of disturbed blood circulation & to strengthen the heart. Strengthens the memory. Since Victorian times, garnet has symbolized passionate love and enduring strength.

Gold ~ Associated with love & faithfulness. Gold increases the healing properties of stones; jewelry set with gold always has a special energy

Goldstone ~ Stabilizes emotions. It protects, generates energy, as well as deflects unwanted energy.

Hematite ~ Symbolizes courage and was known as "blood stone" in the Middle Ages, staunching blood & promoting the formation of new blood cells. Encourages spontaneity & zest for life. Said to protect the wearer's vital energy & guarantee survival. Hematite amulets have been found in nearly every pharaoh's tomb as a support in the afterlife. Very grounding & aids intuition. Hematite assists manifestation and makes the spiritual physical.

Howlite ~ Strengthens the effects of other stones. Encourages awareness, calm emotional expression, observation, patience and eliminating negativity.

Iolite ~ Also know as water sapphire. Strengthens the circulation & reduces blood pressure. Reduces anxiety & depression. Can alleviate one of the curses of modern civilization: stress. Encourages intuition, spiritual growth, & awakening to inner knowledge. Iolite facilitates inner vision, shamanic journeying, the healing of old wounds, and soul retrieval.

Jade (Jadeite / Nephrite) ~ Symbolizes renewal and is a gemstone for health and abundance. In Asia considered a lucky stone. Jade has blood-staunching properties, so women should wear a jade necklace during childbirth. Beneficial effect on all glandular functions, lowers fevers, stimulates the kidneys. Calms, counteracts prejudices & gives the wearer a sense of justice & contentment. In Chinese tradition jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty, & courage

Jasper ~ Symbolizes will power. The Jasper gemstones are generally associated with nurturing, uplifting, stress-relieving, tranquility, courage and honesty. In the Middle Ages it was the warrior's stone. Stimulates fertility. Combats exhaustion. Balancing of physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual energies. Yellow Jasper is said to be particularly good for menopausal women. Mookaite is a variation of jasper & promotes good health & well-being; encouraging harmony & inner calm. It is believed to help slow the aging process and assist in the perception of Earth energies.

Labradorite (Spectrolite) ~ Symbolizes fantasy and creativity. It is a gemstone of magic and protection. Effective with bone problems, disorder of the spinal column & wear & tear of the joints. Calming, harmonizing effect. Improves intuition & clarifies the wearer's own views & objectives. Stimulates the imagination & improves the memory. A stone of transformation.

Lapis Lazuli ~ Symbolizes inspiration & wisdom. This gemstone promotes inner vision and truthful communication. For the Assyrians it was the holy stone which brought the blue of the sky & with it the light of the gods to the earth. Promotes clear understanding & intuition; helps the balanced functioning of the thyroid gland while strengthening the neck & vocal cords. It is effective against depression, promotes bonding & strengthens idealism. Used since before 3100 B.C. by the Ancient Egyptians who used powdered lapis for medicines, cosmetics & paintings. They also believed lapis to be sacred and buried it with their dead to protect and guide them in the afterlife.

Larimar ~ Also known as the Atlantis stone. Legends associate it with that lost paradise. Symbolizes boundlessness & immensity. Said to strengthen the bones. Has beneficial effects on arthritis, hardening of the arteries & muscles, sciatica & lumbago. Breaks old thought patterns, frees & opens up new ways of thinking and acting. Protects against negative energy.

Leopard Jasper (Leopardskin Jasper) ~ Stimulates detoxification. Relaxes tension & alleviates abdominal pain. Helps stop hiccups & nausea. Brings about renewed harmony between the wearer & their environment. Improves endurance. Calms the wearer and stimulates their imagination

Lepidolite ~ Promotes serenity, relaxation and relief of stress. It promotes emotional healing, balance, and purification.

Malachite ~ Symbolizes understanding of oneself & of others. An ideal meditation stone. Malachite promotes enlightened leadership and enhances creativity. It provides protection and heals the heart. Promotes growth & builds up strength. Said to be the stone of pregnant women. Promotes understanding & spirituality, stimulating concentration. The Egyptians used malachite as early as 4000 B.C. During the Middle Ages malachite was worn for protection from sorcery and black magic.

Magnesite ~ Encourages a positive attitude. Good for relaxation and meditation. Helps with fearfulness and irritability. Assists creative visualization; stimulates passion. Magnesite aids in healing the ailments of the gall bladder, vascular system, stomach, magnesium deficiency. Helps reduce the discomfort of migraines and PMS.

Marble ~ Encourages charitable actions, original thinking & alleviates sorrow. Marble provides clarity and promotes serenity. It assists in dream recall and helps to actualize one's thoughts.

Moonstone ~ A very powerful healing stone for women. Moonstone is a gemstone of mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, dreams, and the Goddess. It promotes a natural, strong hormonal balance in women. Alleviates menstrual pain, promotes fertility & ensures an easy pregnancy & delivery. Also very helpful for menopausal women. Promotes feminine characteristics & stimulates love & sensitivity. Diminishes anxiety, including concern about the future. Encourages zest for life & a youthful attitude even in old age. Brings inner harmony to the wearer. East Indian tradition holds that moonstone is a symbol of the Third Eye and clarifies spiritual understanding.

Moss Agate ~ A very lucky stone for gamblers. Strengthens the bonds with nature & promotes communication & understanding. Helps those who want to free themselves from long-established ways of life or dependencies such as addiction.

Mother of Pearl ~ Known as a "stone of sincerity" bringing truth to situations and loyalty to a "cause." Signifies faith, charity, & innocence. Enhances personal integrity. Mother of Pearl helps the wearer achieve prosperity and provides protection from negative influences. It promotes psychic sensitivity, intuition and creativity.

Nephrite ~ Protects against false friends. Makes the wearer more creative, calmer & more relaxed. Protects against aggression & helps the wearer maintain their own identity even in difficult situations. Brings hope, personal happiness, professional success & recognition. (See Jade / Jadite above)

Obsidian ~ Has been used in magic rituals since ancient times. In fortune telling, obsidian is used as a mirror. Helps alleviate pain, reduce tension & release energy. Obsidian provides psychic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity, and spirit communication. Mahogany Obsidian promotes logical thought; protects against anxiety & creates inner equilibrium. It promotes inner vision and truthful communication. Snowflake Obsidian sharpens the possesssor's view of his own personality. Helps them achieve their hidden potential. Promotes intuition and protects against negative influences of all kinds. It encourages strength, courage, clarity of thought and stimulates spiritual centers.

Onyx ~ Used as a magical stone all over the world. Must be worn over a long period because its power develops very slowly. Deflects negative energy. Increases the wearer's stamina & promotes inner harmony. Promotes self-confidence & a sense of responsibility & helps its wearer achieve success. Black Onyx promotes inner strength, self-mastery, discipline and focused attention. It strengthens willpower and facilitates reason.

Opal ~ Picks up your energies, positive or negative (absorbent) & works with the Karmic Law of Return (what you send out is returned amplified). Ancient Romans believed opal to be a symbol of hope because it contains the colors of the rainbow.

Peridot (also know as Chrysolite or Olivine) ~ Symbolizes cheerfulness & promotes friendship. Improves the immune system. A peridot necklace worn directly on the skin protects against dehydration & brittleness. Creates inner harmony & combats envy & resentment. Helps to reduce anger; encourages admission of one's own faults & helps the wearer make amends. Negative feelings such as selfishness & coldness are transformed into positive feelings. Combats sadness, melancholy & depression. Peridot promotes prosperity and general well-being.

Pearl ~ Symbolizes a woman's perfect beauty. A pearl necklace is believed to warn sensitive people of imminent disaster. Helps to alleviate chronic headaches & migraines. Reduces allergies. Promotes wisdom & contentment. Softens pain and brings peace. Pearls help the wearer connect with the Goddess. They are calming and help focus attention. Pearls promote truth, integrity, loyalty, fertility and they ease childbirth.

Prehnite ~ Promotes inner peace, union of the heart and the will, as well as communication with nonphysical beings.

Quartz ~ Removes negative thought patterns and elevates thoughts. Amplifies effects of other stones. Protects against injury and illness. Enhances healing.

Rhodonite ~ Symbolizes self-realization. Rhodonite helps the wearer discover and develop hidden talents. It promotes compassion, love, generosity and altruism. Known as the first-aid stone & recognized as a beneficial travel companion. Protects one against all kinds of anxieties. Staves off primeval fears & phobias. Helpful in keeping a clear, calm mind in tense situations & in coping with changing circumstances such as separations, a new job, a move or a long journey. Helpful during exams & prevents mental blocks

Rhyolite (also know as Rain Forest Jasper) ~ Encourages change, variety, progress, creativity and transcending barriers. Rhyolite promotes creativity and self-realization. It balances emotions and increases self respect, self worth and the capacity to love.

Rock Crystal ~ Native Americans still often put this "holy stone" in the cradle of a new born baby. Buddhists use the stone to achieve enlightenment. Its positive energy removes mental blocks & promotes a sense of justice.

Rose Quartz ~ Symbolizes trust and brotherly love. Bose Quartz helps the wearer unit with the Divine. Helpful in affairs of the heart. Stimulates the circulation & thus increases sexuality & fertility. Strengthens friendships, combats lovesickness & opens the mind to beautiful things. Soft love energy, calming to the emotions and heart center especially.

Ruby ~ A gemstone of life force, courage, passion, strength, enthusiasm, and adventurousness. Ruby is a nurturing stone of spiritual wisdom, attainment of values, economic stability and protection from distress.

Rutilated Quartz ~ Symbolizes truth. Regulates the nervous system & strengthens the immune system. Calms the psyche & promotes healthy sleep. Stimulates the wearer's self-healing powers & removes mental blocks. Helps one bring about change. Rutilated Quartz may be used for attunement, amplification, acceleration and expanding awareness.

Sapphire ~ A stone of joy and peace. Promotes use of intuition, prosperity & fulfillment of dreams

Sardonyx ~ The stone of the senses. Improves sensory perception & strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system. Sharpens the mind. Helps the wearer confront the world with open eyes & not get lost in dreams & wishful thinking. Encourages optimism & confidence in the wearer & helps bereaved people see the positive side of life again.

Serpentine ~ In ancient civilizations, serpentine was seen as a talisman. Said to protect against demonic powers & promote fertility. A protective stone that brings peace. Evens out mood swings & calms the wearer in stressful, hectic situations. Serpentine provides access to the spiritual history of the Earth, a connection with Nature, and kundalini awakening.

Silver ~ Symbolizes wealth & prosperity. combined with a healing stone, silver promotes weight loss, as well as combats nausea, painful joints & headaches. Has a calming effect on irritable people & encourages inner peace. Promotes self-confidence & removes inhibitions.

Smoky Quartz ~ Symbolizes facing life, giving strength & motivation to meet new challenges. Stabilizes the joints & stimulates fertility. Brings inner calm. A beneficial stone for those in mourning. Thought to be capable of divine and clairvoyant inspiration. Smoky Quartz is grounding and transmutes negative energies. It fosters practicality and organization and promotes manifestation of the wearer's dreams.

Sodalite ~ Symbolizes self-confidence & loyalty. Believed to develop the wearer's musical skills. Excellent for reducing high blood pressure. Promotes spiritual harmony and is a source of artistic inspiration. Good for calming hot-tempered people. Sodalite gives the wearer access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhances insight and mental performance.

Sugilite ~ Calming effect on the nervous system. One of the most precious gemstones. Said to alleviate pain and combat life-threatening diseases in people & animals, even at an advanced stage. Helps one act logically in the face of unpleasant situations.

Sunstone ~ Promotes the wearer's self-healing powers. Promotes good humor, cheerfulness & good temper. Provides the necessary stamina & energy to undertake projects & tasks. Increases the sense of self-esteem & self-confidence. Alleviates fears. Sunstone has leadership properties and is a gemstone of enlightened male energy.

Tiger's Eye ~ Symbolizes unity & leads to greater self-integration & autonomy. Asthmatics should carry a tiger's eye, a particularly effective healing stone for bronchial problems. Effective in lifting depression & promoting concentration. Tiger's Eye seeks balance between extremes. It enhances discernment, vitality, strength, practicality and fairness.

Topaz ~ Symbolizes the joy of life, delight in the world & the path of self-realization. Stimulates the metabolism & digestion, heightening the taste buds. Promotes relaxation & eases tension. Ancient Greeks called topaz the stone of strength. White Topaz helps the wearer to take on new projects. Blue Topaz promotes artistic inspiration. Yellow Topaz counteracts bad moods & calm irritability caused by lack of sleep.

Tree Agate ~ Calming effect on the wearer's nervous system. Strengthens the immune system. Thought to influence the psyche, encouraging perseverance & conveying a feeling of inner peace. Helps the wearer in their relationships with children. Reduces arrogance & egotism. Promotes the recognition that every one is only part of a whole.

Turquoise ~ Symbolizes beauty. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that it made women virtuous & loyal. Effective for a wide range of disorders. Speeds recovery after illness, alleviates pain & reduces inflammation. Lifts depression, gives self-confidence & promotes endurance. Stabilizes extreme mood swings & counteracts apathy. Gives new energy & makes one feel active. A protective stone for travelers by air. Turquoise is an excellent all-round healing gemstone.

Unakite ~ Said to bring unconditional love of humanity, connection & reunion. Helps with healing of abandonment & separation issues.

White Howlite ~ Promotes emotional expression, awareness, calm communication. It relieves stress, tension and anxiety.

Zoisite (Blue Tanzanite, Pink Thulite, & Ruby Zoisite) ~ Symbolizes sexual desire, fertility & good health in unborn children. Believed to be a kind of fertility stone that is effective for both men & women. A protective stone for pregnant woman. Said to stimulate cell division, detoxify the body & strengthen the immune system. Promotes creative and constrictive tendencies.