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Gemstone Remedies

Gemstone Remedies

For thousands of years many have believed in and practiced the therapeutic power of gemstones and the healing power of nature. A piece of jewelry can consist of gemstones that have a positive influence on a particular chakra or condition or simply lighten one's mood. Below are just a few ideas that may be helpful to you as you select your jewelry.

For more information about specific gemstones please see Gemstone Lore, our guide to the metaphysical properties of gemstones.

* Please note that by providing this information we do not warranty or guarantee it in any way.

Allergies    Amber worn as jewelry is especially good for those suffering from hay fever and allergies to animals. Pearl, Aquamarine and Zoisite are helpful. Turquoise calms allergic symptoms

Anger    People who fly into rages against those around them or when things don't go their way should wear or carry objects made from silver. Silver helps to stifle anger.

Anomie    (apathy or lack of purpose) Apatite and / or Carnelian will ehlp you recover your interest when you feel passive and cannot summon up any initiative. Often they will help you find courage for new undertakings.

Anxiety    Malachite, Rhodonite, Turquoise

Arthritis    Amber worn in any form, as well as Copper. Malachite can also be helpful. It is important that the stone has contact with the skin.

Balance    Tourmaline, Agate, Emerald

Creativity    (lack of) Nephrite will stimulate and develop your creative powers in all spheres of life.

Depression    Tourmaline is helpful for those going through a change of life. Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli protect against depression of all kinds. Also Kinzite, Tigerseye and Turquoise

Despair    Citrine

Discontent    Pearls are helpful for those who feel unable to make the best of circumstances in which they find themselves. Especially recommended for older individuals.

Disorganization    Aquamarine answers to the need for organization in your life, thoughts and emotions. Will help you finally straighten up your desk!

Energy    (lack of) Jasper gives new energy to those who feel sleepy and worn out. Helps one embark on new undertakings.

Envy    Peridot can counteract the tendency toward reacting to others with envy

Grief    (and loss) Zircon and Amazonite help us cope with the loss of loved ones and the grieving process

Hatred    When the soul is darkened and full of hatred, Chrysocolla eases, calms and slowly dissolves hate.

Homesickness    (or separation anxiety) Beryl or Garnet

Inspiration    (lack of or writers block) Blue Topaz and Sodalite help with a failure of creativity; they stimulate fantasy and new ideas

Irritability    Topaz lessens irritability in one's day to day life and cunters the tendency to get worked up about small things

Jealousy    Diamonds and Black Tourmaline

Joy of Life    (lack of) Amber, Citrine and Hematite strengthen one's capacity to discover and enjoy the beautiful things that life has to offer.

Love    Rose Quartz and Malachite offer comfort to those who suffer love's pangs. Also helpful for those feeling grief of loss and separation.

Fidelity    Garnet keeps you faithful to your partner and helps avoid temptation

Memory    (weakness) Garnet strengthens the power of recall

Morality    (moral sense) Jade or Azurite sharpen the sense of morality and justice.

Nightmares    Chalcedony or Rose Quartz can be effective in combating anxiety filled dreams

Phobias    Rhodonite can ease every kind - rom spiders to elevators

Restlessness    Amethyst and Aquamarine work against restlessness. Amazonite provides a sense of inner peace. Labradorite and Sapphire can have a calming effect.

Self Esteem    (to increase) Chalcedony and Gold

Sleep    (disorders) Hematite and Amethyst relaxes and promote good sleep.

Sorrow    Apatite is good for daily sorrow such as those arising from small problems

Stress    Rock Crystal Quartz. Red Jasper or Pyrite is good for extreme stress. Smoky Quartz is good for exaggerated reaction to normal stress

Tension    Topaz or Citrine