Welcome to Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
Welcome to Bittersweet Ridge Jewelry
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Jewelry Guides

Information to help you choose jewelry including the metaphysical properties of gemstones, the importance of color, the meanings of symbols, flowers and more!

Anniversary Stones     Traditional gemstones and their alternatives.

Birthstone Guide     Modern, traditions, cabachon and zodiac

Color Associations     Colors are also symbols

Gemstone Lore     The magic, mystery and symbolism of gemstones

Gem Remedies     Put the healing properties of gemstones to work for you

Birthday Flowers     Nostalgic and romantic symbolism of flowers.

Jewelry Symbols     A guide to the symbols, pendants and charms often used in our jewelry

Chinese Symbols     A guide to Chinese symbols we use in our jewelry

Jewelry Definitions     Very helpful when shopping for jewelry

Ring Sizer     Easy DIY method to determine what size ring you wear