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It really is lovely to receive messages from our customers! Compliments on a necklace, bracelet or earrings; kudos on our packaging; happy surprise on our fast shipping; or an equally welcome note to let us know their package arrived safely.

Here are just a few comments from our very much appreciated clients:

My order arrived today. Thank you so much. It is a perfect gift for my friend who adores sunflowers. Beautifully wrapped, too! Dawn

Hey there, I received my package yesterday and was so excited to open it up. The jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so much prettier in person. I can't wait to wear it. Thanks again for my [newsletter subscriber] discount. We are working hard to save up for the heating bills this winter so it was nice to be able to buy something for "ME." Love, DV

Dear Sue, I really don't know where to begin... I'm so excited about the ankle bracelet. Actually I should probably begin with the packaging... you turned it into a present! It was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for doing that. The bracelet itself is even better than I imagined it would be. It's truly beautiful. At this point, I'm "hooked" on wearing it even if I don't notice it doing anything at all for my knee... I like what it does for my ankle. And the earrings are the perfect companion, except for the fact that they're in my daughter's ears at the moment! I'm so touched by your generosity. Again, thank you. I'm glad that I was somehow led to your website. Take care, Lisa

Boy! Ya talk and talk about something and when you get it you forget to say thanks! It CAME!! THANKS, SUE! The jewelry came and it's stunning, it fits, and it glitters like anything! I'm gonna look great at the wedding! Better than the bride! Lea

Hi, Sue! Seriously, I have not paid this much attention to my right ankle since I sprained it when I was nineteen. (I was like a little kid yesterday going to the mailbox...hoping IT was there...and IT was!) It is truly lovely. I put it on right away and spent the rest of the day looking down. It's seems to have a "free-ing" effect that I was not expecting. It's wonderful. And makes me feel like an elegant copper princess...You made my Saturday and undoubtedly many days to come. LW

Hi Sue, Just a wee note to advise that my second order of Copper and Brass Rings arrived this morning, yes they do the trick, many thanks. Looking forward to getting my third order (for one of my daughters). Regards, Wendy

Absolutely gorgeous, a mysterious pendant, and the amber feels wonderful! So UNIQUE! A true piece of art! Intricate crafting and detail; amazing gems!!! Absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry!!! It glows, and feels gorgeous. Thank you, Beth

Your earrings arrived today and I'm SO happy with them. I really liked them in the picture but I love them now that I can see them. They're so dainty and elegant! Just lovely! My best, Patty

I can't tell you how much I love your earrings! Mickie

I just wanted to tell you about this necklace. (And I love the other I bought, too). I wear it all the time (well, almost) and it is such a "precious" piece. Every time I catch myself in the mirror wearing it, it makes me happy. When I put it on and take it off, I take the time to cherish it in my hand. It is simply lovely. You are an extraordinary artist and I am so glad that I found you and your art. Thank you for an exceptional piece that is one of the few "possessions" in life that can actually bring joy to the heart because of it's beauty. Deborah

I love your jewelry! I need some more!! Chris ( a husband purchasing gifts for his wife)

Pretty in the pictures. GORGEOUS in person! Thank you! PS

I gave the necklace to my wife Sunday morning. I couldn't wait until our anniversary. Man, did she love it! Thanks again for a special gift. DF

The necklace is gorgeous!!! I love it and it's just perfect. Now all I need is the earrings to go with it. If you have some made, just add them to the invoice and I'll get them too. Don't worry about sending me a picture of them... if you made them then I know I'll love them. Hugs, Rhonda

I got your package with the bird earrings yesterday and I very much wanted to take the time to thank you for putting them in the beautiful wrapping. It often seems these days as though the personal touch has gone out of any kind of shopping, but you prove for certain that it has not. Again, thank you SO much. You made my day. CA

Thank you for the quick shipment of my new necklace. I appreciate the care you put into the shipping and the packaging. I love the necklace! Good quality and it looks great. I am looking forward to my next purchase. C

The flower bracelet is a work of art and so beautiful. The matching earrings are perfect. Thank you SO much. I feel so special when I'm opening up the boxes you send. DR

Just a note to let you know again how beautiful this piece of jewelry is. I think it is now my favorite (although I say that each time I receive a piece from you.) You really are a fantastic designer. Jo-Ann

The necklace arrived yesterday, Sue. It is as lovely as the others purchased from you some time ago (before your move). My hat is off to you once again! Pam

I've always loved your jewelry (one of your pieces was one of my first ebay purchases) but I must tell you - your style, imagination and everything else was always wonderful but, somehow, you're in a whole new dimension now. No joke, I see very expensive jewelry in these Beverly Hills stores for thousands that aren't nearly as nice as yours. Somehow, I feel like I'm getting away with something when I buy from you. JHH